Yoga On My 50th

Warning: This video might inspire you towards increased vitality!!!

This video of my yoga exhibition is from the celebration at my 50th birthday...and what a wild ride it has been to get there! This past year has been the most challenging year of my physical existence...and I have had a monumental shift in my awareness of my physical body. Diet was only a piece of the puzzle. Opening up my spine and deepening my inner calm/chi/prana have been other key pieces. I started working with neighbor Michael Manfredo in yoga therapy ( A new level of life is awakening deep within my embody, experience, create...and be the my best version of myself.

I thought giving up white sugar and white flour nine years ago was the hardest thing I had ever done (!!!)...this trumps that! In December, I got the best challenge ever: Healing my leaky gut and getting fungus out of my organs, especially my brain. Turns out, my body had been wrestling with this for the past 12 years, but after the elections it reached its zenith. So I got my protocols in place (a future blog) and dove deep into a healing yoga/tai chi practice of energy/prana cultivation. 85 days later, the leaky gut was healed and the fungus was mostly cleared. Hallelujah...and for a bonus, I am having the most fun I have ever had in my physical body.

This practice has given me many bonuses, like new hips, a new spine and neck, a new brain, rejuvenated my organs...a new biology and energetic space. I've been recreating myself...restructuring the most minute details of my existence (breath, morning ritual, family interaction) with this practice. As I open and remove the blockages (kleshas) and improve my internal (pranic) flow higher self likes hanging around more. It is hard to put it all into words, so here's the video.

Oh...and my diet...I served my favorite foods from my book at the party. Here's the menu: Green Smoothies (p.3) and Jeff's Blueberry Smoothie (p.31 with kale from the Louks Garden), Lemonade (p.34, with honey from the Louks Garden), Sapote with Lime (p.37), Refreshing Citrus-Rosemary Water (p.38) "Ceasar" Salad (p.43), Summer Sushi (p.52), Cucumber Wraps (p67), Pesto Pizza (p.69 substituting a corn meal crust), Mashed Squash (p.102, with pumpkin from the garden), Quinoa and Veggies (p.99), Fermented Veggies (p.104, always, at every meal!), Lasagne (p.70, with zucchini from the garden) and Lima Bean/Sweet Potatoes From The Garden Dish...and for dessert...Malibu Mud Pie (p.86, with Louks Honey) Personally, I avoid sugars and fruits (well, just a little).
Posted on 27 Jul 2015 by jlouks
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