Why I Practice
In hopes that it might inspire you from my experiences, here are a few excerpts below from my personal journal on why i cultivate my daily practice. It has been a 3 1/2 year healing process. I journaled this because at first, my practice was uncomfortable and painful, and this helped me get clear on my direction and why i was practicing (i was suffering from leaky gut, low back/hip/knee pain on the right/sciatica, hiatal hernia, more migraines, massive brain fungus, bladder issues...and i still suffer from cracking dry skin. When that heals i think i will have become a yoga master, ha!)

I practice because: (not only can i do it anywhere, anytime, for free...)

It feels so good! Amazing! It puts me in the Zone! It gives me a clear and peaceful space to focus on simply BEing and DOing in the self-sustaining pleasure of Life Force. Hones my “trade:” embodiment of my Highest Self; infusing me with expansive pranic flow, turning on circuitry along meridians and opening up a more constant river of Bliss. Each time I practice, with each repetition, She weaves Herself more present into the tapestry of my life. I feel like skipping, literally.

My practice activates my cerebral cortex while calming my reptilian brain, by opening the psoas, calming adrenals, strengthening the PSNS (parasympathetic nervous system), with soft gentle breath into the kidney/bladder/adrenal areas. It has taught me how to send healing Life Force to the areas of my bod that most need healing. It’s the most effective approach to healing i have found, integration and transformation of the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, sexual, spiritual body, by bringing everything into alignment. By “aligning,” including yoga therapy taught by Yoga Master Micheal Manfredo, I release accumulated blockages (kleyshas), stresses and tension of my mind/body complex that I have been holding on to for years, incorporating it into all levels of my experience. Each sesh give my bod a “rinse cycle,” a cycle of purification, releasing old “stuff”/blockages and clearing my circuitry, improving pranic flow. I become a vibration of healing and can bring this healing energy into our family dynamic and community.

The practice activates a future of good karma/energy, reversing unwanted karma/conditions/aging. I counter influences of the moon. Things that would stop me in my tracks (like a messy kitchen, disrespect...) now roll off my back, emotionally expired. If i find myself reacting, i can more easily shift and feel tenderness and compassion, and express the healing power of Love.

Asanas (postures) teach me control of the body and by controlling my body through asanas, my mind is controlled. My practice refines my ability to choose, reflect, and choose again, strengthening my “discernment” muscle. Through asanas, purification takes place, restructuring pranic flow, opening the energy channels and psychic centers. I activate the energetic of Sacred Geometry (powerful!), with a growing ability to translate light.

Each breath nurtures my awareness of my connection to Source. Pranayama (breath work) stimulates the vegas nerve, activates PSNS and calms the SNS (sympathetic nervous system), enhancing the feeling of contentment, so then helpful chemicals travel through the vegas nerve to cranial nerve, bringing mind/body balance. (source: my clinical dietician Chrissy Williamshttp://www.nutritionalgenomicsinstitute.com/) Pranayama stimulates and improves pituitary/pineal gland function. “Keep improving,” says Sri Dharma Mittra, “so you are operating at Full Force!.” Pranayama harmonizes the nervous system with the senses. When this happens, cravings and desires diminish. Also, calming the mind relaxed the g.i. tract, enhancing digestions, absorption and elimination. How i understand it and experience it, with decreased breathing we have increased levels of nitrous oxide and CO2 which help to calm blood vessels and more easily carry fresh oxygen to flush blood, muscles and organs, activates brain capacity, and sparks a transformation of nutrients to fuel the practice and ultimately help to sustain states of “super consciousness.” (If you have a minute, this will explain the value of CO2 cultivation: http://www.nutritionalgenomicsinstitute.com/ or for more info, check out his book, “The Oxygen Advantage”) Less is more.

In the stillness of meditation, i get inspired to love and respect my bod and treat it with the care it needs for optimal health, as my vessel for enlightenment in this lifetime. After all, my only real security is my purified personal resonance. The stillness brings me into union with Highest Self. I feel the pleasure of the self-sustaining pranic flow state. I access a state of inner listening and mindfulness, with awareness to not allow misaligned energies to take up valuable space within. It brings attention to the unconscious aspects of my life and i learn how to deal with the “stuff” in my life from a more refined, emotionally neutral level of my being. I continually free myself from attachments.

Enhances intimacy... Everything is enhanced...the quality of living enhanced. Yoga way surpasses coffee, chocolate, alcohol, social media/tech stimulation, food, _________ (fill in the blank).

Your daily life force cultivation practice, might start simply with mandala asanas and surya/chandra namaskars (12 rounds of each daily), as well as your breath work (pranayama), cultivating an expansive flow of prana, and meditation (dyana).

For developing yoga students I lead a class at my home, Thursday mornings at 9:00 that shows you how to do this and supports you in weekly guidance and support for your personal daily practice.

If you are unable to practice daily now, continue to cultivate your yamas and niyamas (disciplines), the first 2 limbs of raja yoga (https://mindbodyplate.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/8-limbs-of-yoga.jpg?w=1391&h=1800 ).

Here’s some of my journal notes on the yamas:
Ahimsa: non-violence, especially loving and nurturing Self
Satya: honesty
Asteya: non-stealing, including another’s time and peace of mind; trustworthiness
Bramacharya: not spilling energy; investing energy wisely, moderation.
Aparigraha: non-hoarding, not wanting what is not ours, non-gripping, not accepting gifts, minimizing mental distractions and simplifying makes room for daily intentions (“Treat life like it were a computer hard drive and delete everything unnecessary to make room for what is truly needed.” Sri Dharma Mittra “To enter Samadhi (bliss state) the mind must be empty.” SDM Less is more.

Saucha: purity in thought, word and deed; (Our most valuable real estate is between our ears. Keep this real estate unpolluted. We create heaven (satori) on earth from the sanctity of our inner place of purity.)
Santosha: contentment
Tapas: intense self discipline that builds strength
Svadhyaya: self-inquiry/study/reflection
Ishvara Pranidhana: devotion to a higher purpose, surrender to (place before) Higher Power/Inner Flow; spirit and matter integrated.

So open the body, clear the mind, open the meridians, and enjoy yoga!

With love, June
In the flow! ☮
“We are divine beings. God is pure consciousness and can take any form.” Kaliji, Tri-Yoga

Posted on 01 Mar 2018 by jlouks
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