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It’s here! The revised an updated version, formerly “Rawumptious Recipes” is now available! If you would like to check it out or give it as gifts, you can check it out on my (new!) website, pick up a copy at the Malibu Sunlife, or come by the house, drive into the driveway, get your books and leave a check in under the doormat.($25.95 ea) Ring if you’d like me to sign them!

The new book was updated to also include our latest “adventures:” In addition to 150 recipes we added 45 new irresistible, amazingly delicious staple recipes in our home, as well as a few new chapters, like “Cravings, Addictions, and Doshas” and “Congruency Love Cleanse.”

Giving up most of the American comfort foods I was raised on (macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly on white bread, pancakes, waffles and bacon, donuts and ice cream were some of my favorites)...has been one of the most challenging things I have done in my life. That is why I added the chapter, “Cravings, Addiction and Doshas.”

With all the intensity of our modern life and raising four girls (and growing our own food!) , I find it helpful to push the reset button, and lately, if I can, I do it weekly. It rejuvenates and recalibrates me, so I added a chapter called the “Congruency Love Cleanse” to share with you.

From the first publication of this book I have felt like I was building a bridge and crossing it at the same time. Being surrounded with processed foods in our culture, how do we feed our family nutritious meals...that they will eat? With all the misinformation on health, often in conflict with what is best for our planet, many times it was like swimming in the dark with just my own inner compass to guide me. Every day there is more research out on why such a large percentage of Americans have chronic diseases like neurological disorders, gluten sensitivity, sugar sensitivity, diabetes and other auto-immune diseases, as well as cancer, heart disease, obesity....Now, five years later, the statistics are even more dramatic, showing how important it is to get the message out of the benefits of gathering the family around fresh, whole food meals.

Zeroing In On Inflammation

I am turning 50 in June, and still a “work in progress.” Yet, this is a year to celebrate health. I have tested free of Candida and have been deepening my daily personal yoga practice, creating more space, more opening and balance in my physiology. Six months ago, turning my neck over each shoulder, I would feel creeks and crackles, perhaps left over from the health crisis...and perhaps because grains and cooked veggies had begun to creep back into my diet. When I would flow in cat/cat cow...more crackles. Six months later, now I feel total fluidity. No crackles. I have moved on to backwards rolls, splits, headstands flows. What is the difference? More green smoothies and whole foods in their natural state (raw). I feel a deep connection between my diet and the level of inflammation, and I hope these “Fresh Whole Foods” recipes also help you.

(Take a moment. Sit upright, drop your shoulders and slowly turn your head over your shoulder to the right and then to the left. How does it feel? Balanced on both sides? Feel the space, the opening?)

Better Than Vitamins

I am leery of things that come in plastic containers, even vitamins and processed food. Whenever I go this route, it seems Mother Nature abandons me (or visa versa) and I find myself straying from my center. For health and longevity, I am convinced that Fresh Whole Foods are the way to best nourish our family genes, as well as to support our own spiritual essence so that it to descends into physical form. (Check out the book, Blue Zone...we can become one in Malibu!)

This Is the Most Fun We Will Have In Our Physical Bodies!

For those wanting to step into the driver’s seat of your health and the health of your families’, and rethink what we are feeding our family, may this new year and this new book give you renewed enthusiasm for a diet of Fresh Whole Foods, locally sourced.

❀May you be a conduit for bliss, love and peace this holiday season, and may this bless you abundantly,

“In nature we feel the pure energy which takes us to our Self. Nature is the perfect temple.” Kaliji, Tri-Yoga

Ps I recommend my website designer was terrific...a great kid just down the street:

I also recently tested our home for electro-magnetic fiels (EMFs) and Wi-Fi (wireless technology) with Oram Miller, of There are so many sources of EMFs in our modern lives now, and you might want to keep this to a minimum. Even if you like the convenience of your Wi-Fi, Oram will help you design solutions so that your family does not SLEEP around EMFs. (This email was sent from my faster than WIFI and totally safe, HARD WIRED internet connection.) I also recently purchased a product for the house that reduces dirty electricity, contact:

Did you see our Malibu City Council voted to amend our LCP to ban rodenticide (anti-coaglulant rodent poisoning) into our LCP? Let’s celebrate!

Check out John Oliver’s hilarious and illuminating take on the sugar industry:

Posted on 14 Dec 2014 by jlouks
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