On Turning 50
Life is an adventure...living and surfing in Malibu, California, raising 4 girls with my husband/soul mate, Jeff. Together we follow our hearts, maintaining an organic/biodynamic garden and enjoying fresh family meals.

My latest passion is developing my yoga/tai chi/pranayama/meditation practice. The more I do it, the more amazing I feel!

I am grateful much improved health out of debilitating migraines and leaky gut, since I started my practice of yoga/tai chi/pranayama/meditation and cleaned up my diet by switching over to fresh whole foods. Yeah, no more Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. It's moderate living and a principled diet...and I now wake up feeling invigorated, and I wouldn't change this for B and J.

This whole change has inspired me to want to live more and more in harmony with the earth. Sometimes I slip off early in the morning and go down to the garden or beach for a meditation practice. Every month I host an "Uncooking" Class, with the hope that perhaps someone wants to break out of the status quo as well, and come into a higher vibration of health. I can share the healing principles I have learned.

I am an advocate for garden (and restorative ocean farming) to table cuisine, organic and biodynamic growing practices, and sustainable environmental stewardship.

I grow my own food, not because I have oodles of time, or because things grow so easily in Malibu's clay soil...nothing about this is cheap, quick or convenient...but because it tastes better, I feel better when I eat from our garden, and I feel happiness when I am in the garden. I wonder if the quality of the food grown by love in our backyards can every be matched by food grown for profit. It intuitively feels good to connect with the soil, plants and trees. I feel much more vibrant gardening, than when I go to the gym. I wonder, if the garden is our natural environment, perhaps the plants and animals are divine thoughts materialized. For her, besides being with her family, nothing can beat being out in the garden, partnering with nature responsibly and successfully. Our inner eco system, our planet's eco system, and our "spiritual Eco system"....it is all interrelated....and to have vibrant health, it all needs to be thriving.

With our planet in crisis, I dream of an America where, instead of being the highest consumers of the planet, with a mall on every corner and industrial ag in every field, America is a model of innovation and conscious consumption with a sustainable footprint.

I dream of an America where "eating in a America" means "earth friendly" and "animal friendly" practices.

Where, instead of rushing around, multitasking and working long hours so we can buy something, we in America take time to follow our unique passions, be with our children and spouses, grow gardens, and prepare our own food.

Where we are connected with our land, and so, vibrantly healthy.

Where, instead of trashing our planet on the 4th of July and Christmas, we wake up every day in celebration, to enjoy spectacular sunrises, and able to be home with our families to enjoy the sunsets together. I dream of a Christmas where instead of the kids calling eachother and asking, "What'd ya get?" they ask, "What'd ya do?"

I had a health crisis10 years ago, and instead of going on degenerating medication I changed my lifestyle. Likewise, I think our American culture can make adjustments for long term healing. Instead of political band aids, and polarizing win/loose mentalities, we can shift to a deeper healing of America, and bring consciousness into politics.
Posted on 07 Apr 2016 by jlouks
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