I just returned from the 700 Hour Teacher Training with Sri Dharma Mittra. He taught us asana and pranayama techniques that support us in feeling good in our bodies. A good diet does this as well. On my return i found this note from one of my yoga students in my inbox and it made my day:

"I hope you enjoy your time in (New York and) Boston. I read your book and it has catapulted my lifestyle in such a short amount of time. I feel so blessed that my daughter will inherit such positive habits without the need to search for ways of feeling better. It's so simple. And I feel incredible! Looking forward to your return."

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In hopes that it might inspire you from my experiences, here are a few excerpts below from my personal journal on why i cultivate my daily practice. It has been a 3 1/2 year healing process. I journaled this because at first, my practice was uncomfortable and painful, and this helped me get clear on my direction and why i was practicing (i was suffering from leaky gut, low back/hip/knee pain on the right/sciatica, hiatal hernia, more migraines, massive brain fungus, bladder issues...and i still suffer from cracking dry skin. When that heals i think i will have become a yoga master, ha!)

I practice because: (not only can i do it anywhere, anytime, for free...)

It feels so good! Amazing! It puts me in the Zone! It gives me a clear and peaceful space to focus on simply BEing and DOing in the self-sustaining pleasure of Life Force. Hones my “trade:” embodiment of my Highest Self; infusing me with expansive pranic flow, turning on circuitry along meridians and opening up a more constant river of Bliss. Each time I practice, with each repetition, She weaves Herself more present into the tapestry of my life. I feel like skipping, literally.

My practice activates my cerebral cortex while calming my reptilian brain, by opening the psoas, calming adrenals, strengthening the PSNS (parasympathetic nervous system), with soft gentle breath into the kidney/bladder/adrenal areas. It has taught me how to send healing Life Force to the areas of my bod that most need healing. It’s the most effective approach to healing i have found, integration and transformation of the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, sexual, spiritual body, by bringing everything into alignment. By “aligning,” including yoga therapy taught by Yoga Master Micheal Manfredo, I release accumulated blockages (kleyshas), stresses and tension of my mind/body complex that I have been holding on to for years, incorporating it into all levels of my experience. Each sesh give my bod a “rinse cycle,” a cycle of purification, releasing old “stuff”/blockages and clearing my circuitry, improving pranic flow. I become a vibration of healing and can bring this healing energy into our family dynamic and community.

The practice activates a future of good karma/energy, reversing unwanted karma/conditions/aging. I counter influences of the moon. Things that would stop me in my tracks (like a messy kitchen, disrespect...) now roll off my back, emotionally expired. If i find myself reacting, i can more easily shift and feel tenderness and compassion, and express the healing power of Love.

Asanas (postures) teach me control of the body and by controlling my body through asanas, my mind is controlled. My practice refines my ability to choose, reflect, and choose again, strengthening my “discernment” muscle. Through asanas, purification takes place, restructuring pranic flow, opening the energy channels and psychic centers. I activate the energetic of Sacred Geometry (powerful!), with a growing ability to translate light.

Each breath nurtures my awareness of my connection to Source. Pranayama (breath work) stimulates the vegas nerve, activates PSNS and calms the SNS (sympathetic nervous system), enhancing the feeling of contentment, so then helpful chemicals travel through the vegas nerve to cranial nerve, bringing mind/body balance. (source: my clinical dietician Chrissy Williamshttp://www.nutritionalgenomicsinstitute.com/) Pranayama stimulates and improves pituitary/pineal gland function. “Keep improving,” says Sri Dharma Mittra, “so you are operating at Full Force!.” Pranayama harmonizes the nervous system with the senses. When this happens, cravings and desires diminish. Also, calming the mind relaxed the g.i. tract, enhancing digestions, absorption and elimination. How i understand it and experience it, with decreased breathing we have increased levels of nitrous oxide and CO2 which help to calm blood vessels and more easily carry fresh oxygen to flush blood, muscles and organs, activates brain capacity, and sparks a transformation of nutrients to fuel the practice and ultimately help to sustain states of “super consciousness.” (If you have a minute, this will explain the value of CO2 cultivation: http://www.nutritionalgenomicsinstitute.com/ or for more info, check out his book, “The Oxygen Advantage”) Less is more.

In the stillness of meditation, i get inspired to love and respect my bod and treat it with the care it needs for optimal health, as my vessel for enlightenment in this lifetime. After all, my only real security is my purified personal resonance. The stillness brings me into union with Highest Self. I feel the pleasure of the self-sustaining pranic flow state. I access a state of inner listening and mindfulness, with awareness to not allow misaligned energies to take up valuable space within. It brings attention to the unconscious aspects of my life and i learn how to deal with the “stuff” in my life from a more refined, emotionally neutral level of my being. I continually free myself from attachments.

Enhances intimacy... Everything is enhanced...the quality of living enhanced. Yoga way surpasses coffee, chocolate, alcohol, social media/tech stimulation, food, _________ (fill in the blank).

Your daily life force cultivation practice, might start simply with mandala asanas and surya/chandra namaskars (12 rounds of each daily), as well as your breath work (pranayama), cultivating an expansive flow of prana, and meditation (dyana).

For developing yoga students I lead a class at my home, Thursday mornings at 9:00 that shows you how to do this and supports you in weekly guidance and support for your personal daily practice.

If you are unable to practice daily now, continue to cultivate your yamas and niyamas (disciplines), the first 2 limbs of raja yoga (https://mindbodyplate.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/8-limbs-of-yoga.jpg?w=1391&h=1800 ).

Here’s some of my journal notes on the yamas:
Ahimsa: non-violence, especially loving and nurturing Self
Satya: honesty
Asteya: non-stealing, including another’s time and peace of mind; trustworthiness
Bramacharya: not spilling energy; investing energy wisely, moderation.
Aparigraha: non-hoarding, not wanting what is not ours, non-gripping, not accepting gifts, minimizing mental distractions and simplifying makes room for daily intentions (“Treat life like it were a computer hard drive and delete everything unnecessary to make room for what is truly needed.” Sri Dharma Mittra “To enter Samadhi (bliss state) the mind must be empty.” SDM Less is more.

Saucha: purity in thought, word and deed; (Our most valuable real estate is between our ears. Keep this real estate unpolluted. We create heaven (satori) on earth from the sanctity of our inner place of purity.)
Santosha: contentment
Tapas: intense self discipline that builds strength
Svadhyaya: self-inquiry/study/reflection
Ishvara Pranidhana: devotion to a higher purpose, surrender to (place before) Higher Power/Inner Flow; spirit and matter integrated.

So open the body, clear the mind, open the meridians, and enjoy yoga!

With love, June
In the flow! ☮
“We are divine beings. God is pure consciousness and can take any form.” Kaliji, Tri-Yoga

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January 5, 2018

I sit in meditation. After 20 minutes, the subtler aspects of my inner dialog, my monkey mind, or “chitta1,”become apparent. With the past 3 months of a Dharma Teacher Training (TT) intensive, I witness this monkey mind with greater awareness, more like a cat ready to pounce on a mouse. I hear Dharma’s words,

”Thoughts have power.

‘Dis-identify’ with the ego.

You become what you think.

Be receptive to the divine essence within.”

It is the final leg of my internship and I am reflecting on the transformation this experience has catalyzed. I originally applied to the training simply to be able to experience Sri Dharma Mittra, 78-year-old living master in Hatha-Raja Yoga, in person, during his lifetime. I had never taken his class before; never even been to New York before (I’m a California girl). Now his words are infused into my mind. As I go through my day I hear him saying, “Create amazing things,

Attract with your vibration,
Delight in the natural process of growth,
See divinity in everything.”

I feel transformed. Dharma’s daily homework assignments, including Dharma’s “Shiva Namaskar” asana practice, along with pranayama, meditation and journaling, have been all consuming, like a fire in my life, melting my dross, and creating something beautiful, more vibrant.

According to Dharma, ahimsa (non-violence) is the cornerstone of a successful yoga practice, a foundational “yama” in the 8 Limbs of Yoga written about by Patanjali in around 500-300 b.c.e. Dharma lives this with every ounce of his being. He taught us to make this the cornerstone of our practice on the mat, making it without strain, effortless even, taking the ego out of the equation and listening to the body’s cues.

For the past 3 years I have been cultivating a daily yoga practice and have fallen in love with yoga, weaving it around my day. I aspired to begin it at 5:00 am, to bring better balance to my mealtimes (and balanced meals at that!), and a longer, deeper meditation practice. This never happened. So, my meditation, the main course of the practice, was usually cut short. I longed for this deeper space to meditate.

Reflecting back, these aspirations seem so simple now, but as a mother of a large, busy family, with everyone going in different direction, this level of balanced intention was the antithesis of our modern life. According to Dharma, “Because of your conditions, you have no choice, so be happy! From the standpoint of the Self, there is no creation, no pain, no suffering.”

Most days distractions would arise and my meditation would be postponed till “tomorrow.” My body was ready but my mind needed to be trained. With the commitment to my TT homework, I would hear Dharma’s words, “I suffered. Let me show you so you don’t have to suffer.” Every day I would sign a paper standing in my commitment and my truth. (Truthfulness, or “satya” is another yama and pillar of raja yoga that we would journal about).

Finally these good habits are shaping my life, with a deeper sense of self-responsiveness and self-accountability. These shifts are profound, refining my relationship with myself, and so, others. My body-mind-spirit complex now rejoices at 5am, knowing it will soon enter nirvana. I hear Dharma’s words, “You see what you want to see. IMAGINE THE BEST IS HAPPENING!”

Dharma assigned a specific diet and moderation was a theme, including avoiding eating late in the evening. In our assigned reading I began to understand moderation and balance as encapsulated in another one of the yamas we journal on; “Brahmacharya,” meaning conservation of energy. My mealtimes are more regular and balanced. My stomach is happy, I feel nourished, and wake up in the morning feeling amazing!

“Satya”, or truthfulness, is another Yama that filled my daily journal. My youngest daughter called me out on my over simplified, inaccurate exaggerations, a bad habit of mine I have had for many years. I hear Dharma’s words,
“Make the crooked straight,
Within ourselves.
Beyond the yoga mat.” After quelling my ego, I resolved to be one hundred percent accurate in my speech.

It is early in the morning, and I begin my pranayama practice. Dharma speaks to me again, ”Imagine prana in continuous flow.
Pranayama is moving energy. It cultivates the sixth sense. Feel it exists!
Keep improving; the glands, pituitary and pineal improve,
Keep improving so that you are operating at Full Force.”

I move on to the assigned Om mantra. Mantra is new to me. I begin, “aaa-uuu-mmm,” deep inhale, and again, “aaa-uuu-mmm.” I feel my vocal chords deep in my core waking up, as if for the first time. Over time, they are firming and strengthening, deepening my voice. Later in the day I will play the harmonium and sing mantra, inspired by the Dharma culture, and the vocals come up from my core. It is a new experience. I love it! It feels invigorating and activating. Dharma’s words come again, “Sing. This purifies the mind.”

In meditation, I tune into Dharma’s guidance, “Tune your mind to a higher mind
(I was always trying to copy Yogi Gupta’s spirit of meditation).”

I imagine I’m sitting face to face with my Highest Self. Meditation is becoming more and more enjoyable and peaceful, gradually, as Dharma guides, “Learn gradually to strengthen your meditation time.”

Still, some meditations are stiller than others. Sometimes my meditation is on the run. I hear Dharma’s encouragement, “The Self is the witness. Keep the attention on the Self,
Before the big bang,
The void behind all.
Whatever I see is me.”

Soon my class arrives. I will be teaching them Dharma’s Shiva Namaskar sequence. I smile. As Dharma says, ”Smile. Offer up ‘fruits’ not expecting anything in return. This is service. This is karma yoga.”

I am elated to be of service in this capacity. Teaching yoga, the science of life.

I had no intention to teach yoga when I signed up for this course. I was going for the experience. Now on the other end of the training, I have been transformed, and the joy of having a small part in other people’s transformation has consumed me. Thankfully, Dharma has prepared me well. The training wheels are ready to come off!

Thank you Dharma!

1Chitta is the Sanskrit word for mind that Patanjali writes about. This mind, with all its inner workings, is what I refer to as the monkey mind.

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Hi. My name is June Louks, I am 52, and I love yoga. The poses you see in these pictures I learned after I turned 50. As a yoga instructor, I am here to give you hope and I would love to show you how to gently open up your body into more advanced postures. It feels amazing!

Join me in blissing out together!
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Feel Amazing with a Level 3/4 Inversions and Yogic Diet Workshop at Malibu Beach Yoga
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Here’s a Humor Healing Humanity Podcast interview with Abby Lodmer for you to enjoy: https://www.facebook.com/abby.lodmer.3/posts/10154841625494376. We share thoughts on being the best version of ourselves, standing in our truth, parenting, enjoying our teenagers, eating intuitively, eating disorders, community building, Malibu politics, and celebrate Malibu’s step towards being poison free, free of “cides,” pesticides, rodenticides and herbicides, and I share my pathway out of debilitating migraines.

Let me know if you like it, and if there are any topics you’d like me to share more deeply on.

Thank you for being a presence of light in the world.

Smiles, Sunshine, and Laughter

parenting teenagers eating intuitively eating disorders community building Malibu politics
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I love you family!!!

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Life is an adventure...living and surfing in Malibu, California, raising 4 girls with my husband/soul mate, Jeff. Together we follow our hearts, maintaining an organic/biodynamic garden and enjoying fresh family meals.

My latest passion is developing my yoga/tai chi/pranayama/meditation practice. The more I do it, the more amazing I feel!

I am grateful much improved health out of debilitating migraines and leaky gut, since I started my practice of yoga/tai chi/pranayama/meditation and cleaned up my diet by switching over to fresh whole foods. Yeah, no more Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. It's moderate living and a principled diet...and I now wake up feeling invigorated, and I wouldn't change this for B and J.

This whole change has inspired me to want to live more and more in harmony with the earth. Sometimes I slip off early in the morning and go down to the garden or beach for a meditation practice. Every month I host an "Uncooking" Class, with the hope that perhaps someone wants to break out of the status quo as well, and come into a higher vibration of health. I can share the healing principles I have learned.

I am an advocate for garden (and restorative ocean farming) to table cuisine, organic and biodynamic growing practices, and sustainable environmental stewardship.

I grow my own food, not because I have oodles of time, or because things grow so easily in Malibu's clay soil...nothing about this is cheap, quick or convenient...but because it tastes better, I feel better when I eat from our garden, and I feel happiness when I am in the garden. I wonder if the quality of the food grown by love in our backyards can every be matched by food grown for profit. It intuitively feels good to connect with the soil, plants and trees. I feel much more vibrant gardening, than when I go to the gym. I wonder, if the garden is our natural environment, perhaps the plants and animals are divine thoughts materialized. For her, besides being with her family, nothing can beat being out in the garden, partnering with nature responsibly and successfully. Our inner eco system, our planet's eco system, and our "spiritual Eco system"....it is all interrelated....and to have vibrant health, it all needs to be thriving.

With our planet in crisis, I dream of an America where, instead of being the highest consumers of the planet, with a mall on every corner and industrial ag in every field, America is a model of innovation and conscious consumption with a sustainable footprint.

I dream of an America where "eating in a America" means "earth friendly" and "animal friendly" practices.

Where, instead of rushing around, multitasking and working long hours so we can buy something, we in America take time to follow our unique passions, be with our children and spouses, grow gardens, and prepare our own food.

Where we are connected with our land, and so, vibrantly healthy.

Where, instead of trashing our planet on the 4th of July and Christmas, we wake up every day in celebration, to enjoy spectacular sunrises, and able to be home with our families to enjoy the sunsets together. I dream of a Christmas where instead of the kids calling eachother and asking, "What'd ya get?" they ask, "What'd ya do?"

I had a health crisis10 years ago, and instead of going on degenerating medication I changed my lifestyle. Likewise, I think our American culture can make adjustments for long term healing. Instead of political band aids, and polarizing win/loose mentalities, we can shift to a deeper healing of America, and bring consciousness into politics.
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Fresh Whole Foods Class

Friday, January 29 from 12 to 2:30 pm
At The Louks Home
6921 Whitesands Place, Point Dume, Malibu 90265

Cost: $65 in advance/$80 at the door
Includes: Lunch from the garden and a copy of “A Malibu Mom Manifesto On Fresh Whole Foods”
Meet down in the Louks Family’s edible garden and together gather the fixings and learn preparation techniques!

Support the upward spiral in your life while exploring a fresh, mouthwatering menu of whole foods to offer your family! The best “fast food” (the healthiest and most delicious) are local, organic and whole. Come get inspired about sustainable, ‘non-impact’ foods. June loves to share the “what, why, and how” of fresh food basics. Learn how to be a part of a growing trend that supports a thriving planet and vibrant health!

Are you or your family members dealing with health challenges? The Louks Family has recently authored “Fresh Whole Foods For Kids: Fun Poems About Food” and “A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto,” chalk full of recipes that are not only healthful, but that the whole family can enjoy! The book received the Editor’s Choice Award and made the “Top 50 For The Year” list at Diesel Bookstore. The book and e-copy are now available at http://malibumommanifestoon.com/

These classes fill up, so reserve your spot by sending a check to the above address and emailing June. If there is something special you would like her to share just let her know junelouks@verizon.net.

This is a sustainable (non-impact) event!
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Here is the Bank of Books Review:

At 2 PM, we’ll welcome June Louks for a discussion and signing of her book A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto on Fresh, Whole Foods: Simple Recipes Your Family – And The Planet – Will Love. It’s been several years since June and her family made the move from the S.A.D - the Standard American Diet, loaded with salt, sugar, and fat - to a more healthful way of eating based on fresh, whole foods. In her book A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto on Fresh, Whole Foods, June shares her family’s experiences, which she describes as an adventure in finding delicious alternatives to the S.A.D., rather than an exercise in deprivation. Initially resistant to the idea of giving up the treats they loved, June’s daughters eventually became their new diet’s biggest cheerleaders as they realized how much better they felt, and how much more energy they had, when they ate healthy foods. With over 150 family-friendly recipes, tips to help ease the transition to healthy eating, and a discussion of ways to bypass the temptation of the “candy holidays” – Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter - A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto on Fresh, Whole Foods is a must-read primer for families who want to make the move to a healthy, plant-based diet.

Malibu mom June Louks views food as a qualitative experience that can strengthen our spirituality and honor our interconnectedness. The founder of the Malibu Agricultural Society, June lives on Point Dume with her husband and daughters.
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“Uncooking” Class

Friday, October 2 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm
At The Louks Home

Cost: $65 in advance/$80 at the door
This class is a fundraiser for 5Gyres.org. Please make your check payable to “The Five Gyres Institute.”
Includes: A copy of “A Malibu Mom Manifesto On Fresh Whole Foods”

Meet down in the Louks Family’s edible garden and together gather the fixings and learn preparation techniques for our dinner!

Support the upward spiral in your life while exploring a fresh, mouthwatering menu of whole foods to offer your family! The best “fast food” (the healthiest and most delicious) are local, organic and whole. Come get inspired about sustainable, ‘non-impact’ foods. June loves to share the “what, why, and how” of fresh food basics. Learn how to be a part of a growing trend that supports a thriving planet and vibrant health!

Are you or your family members dealing with health challenges? The Louks Family has recently authored “Fresh Whole Foods For Kids: Fun Poems About Food” and “A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto,” chalk full of recipes that are not only healthful, but that the whole family can enjoy! The book recently received the Editor’s Choice Award and made the “Top 50 For The Year” list at Diesel Bookstore. The book and e-copy are now available at http://malibumommanifestoon.com/

These classes fill up, so reserve your spot by sending a check to the above address and emailing June. If there is something special you would like her to share just let her know junelouks@verizon.net.

This is a sustainable (non-impact) event!
"Uncooking" Class
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Warning: This video might inspire you towards increased vitality!!!

This video of my yoga exhibition is from the celebration at my 50th birthday...and what a wild ride it has been to get there! This past year has been the most challenging year of my physical existence...and I have had a monumental shift in my awareness of my physical body. Diet was only a piece of the puzzle. Opening up my spine and deepening my inner calm/chi/prana have been other key pieces. I started working with neighbor Michael Manfredo in yoga therapy (http://www.yogatherapymalibu.com/). A new level of life is awakening deep within my core...to embody, experience, create...and be the my best version of myself.

I thought giving up white sugar and white flour nine years ago was the hardest thing I had ever done (!!!)...this trumps that! In December, I got the best challenge ever: Healing my leaky gut and getting fungus out of my organs, especially my brain. Turns out, my body had been wrestling with this for the past 12 years, but after the elections it reached its zenith. So I got my protocols in place (a future blog) and dove deep into a healing yoga/tai chi practice of energy/prana cultivation. 85 days later, the leaky gut was healed and the fungus was mostly cleared. Hallelujah...and for a bonus, I am having the most fun I have ever had in my physical body.

This practice has given me many bonuses, like new hips, a new spine and neck, a new brain, rejuvenated my organs...a new biology and energetic space. I've been recreating myself...restructuring the most minute details of my existence (breath, morning ritual, family interaction) with this practice. As I open and remove the blockages (kleshas) and improve my internal (pranic) flow ...my higher self likes hanging around more. It is hard to put it all into words, so here's the video.

I am starting to speak up a bit again...speaking at Bank of Books on September 26 at 2:00s...and I have an Uncooking Class at my home on October 2nd, 3-6:00, $65 including dinner. You are welcome. Please RSVP.

Oh...and my diet...I served my favorite foods from my book at the party. Here's the menu: Green Smoothies (p.3) and Jeff's Blueberry Smoothie (p.31 with kale from the Louks Garden), Lemonade (p.34, with honey from the Louks Garden), Sapote with Lime (p.37), Refreshing Citrus-Rosemary Water (p.38) "Ceasar" Salad (p.43), Summer Sushi (p.52), Cucumber Wraps (p67), Pesto Pizza (p.69 substituting a corn meal crust), Mashed Squash (p.102, with pumpkin from the garden), Quinoa and Veggies (p.99), Fermented Veggies (p.104, always, at every meal!), Lasagne (p.70, with zucchini from the garden) and Lima Bean/Sweet Potatoes From The Garden Dish...and for dessert...Malibu Mud Pie (p.86, with Louks Honey) Personally, I avoid sugars and fruits (well, just a little).
www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2VN97xsW08 leaky gut raw food vegan plant powered vegetarian yoga yoga at fifty fungus fungal June Louks Michael Manfredo yoga therapy A Malibu Mom's Manifesto On Fresh Whole Foods hip replacement spine replacement neck replacement brain replacement
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Hi Loves,

Interested in inspiration for kicking off the new year with more fresh raw foods in your diet? Here’s an interview I just did with Winifred Adams on her show “MakingLifeBrighter.com.” We “kick off our shoes” and do some heart to heart sharing on kicking the sugar habit, cravings, healthy proteins, menu ideas for the family. Check it out! http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/82526/to-your-health-kicking-off-the-new-year-raw

And if that peaks your interest, come to my next “Uncooking” Class January 23. See the website for details! http://malibumommanifestoon.com

Love you!


ps – Winifred lives in Malibu, and has helped our family in healing over the past few years. She is an intuitive healer, and has a gift of knowing what each individual needs in their life. You can contact her through her website <http://www.voiceamerica.com/guest/23552/june-louks>
pps – Wasn’t it beautiful out today!
Radio Interview with June talking about cravings attachments fresh menu ideas for the family and protein!
Posted on 11 Jan 2015 by jlouks

It’s here! The revised an updated version, formerly “Rawumptious Recipes” is now available! If you would like to check it out or give it as gifts, you can check it out on my (new!) website http://malibumommanifestoon.com, pick up a copy at the Malibu Sunlife, or come by the house, drive into the driveway, get your books and leave a check in under the doormat.($25.95 ea) Ring if you’d like me to sign them!

The new book was updated to also include our latest “adventures:” In addition to 150 recipes we added 45 new irresistible, amazingly delicious staple recipes in our home, as well as a few new chapters, like “Cravings, Addictions, and Doshas” and “Congruency Love Cleanse.”

Giving up most of the American comfort foods I was raised on (macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly on white bread, pancakes, waffles and bacon, donuts and ice cream were some of my favorites)...has been one of the most challenging things I have done in my life. That is why I added the chapter, “Cravings, Addiction and Doshas.”

With all the intensity of our modern life and raising four girls (and growing our own food!) , I find it helpful to push the reset button, and lately, if I can, I do it weekly. It rejuvenates and recalibrates me, so I added a chapter called the “Congruency Love Cleanse” to share with you.

From the first publication of this book I have felt like I was building a bridge and crossing it at the same time. Being surrounded with processed foods in our culture, how do we feed our family nutritious meals...that they will eat? With all the misinformation on health, often in conflict with what is best for our planet, many times it was like swimming in the dark with just my own inner compass to guide me. Every day there is more research out on why such a large percentage of Americans have chronic diseases like neurological disorders, gluten sensitivity, sugar sensitivity, diabetes and other auto-immune diseases, as well as cancer, heart disease, obesity....Now, five years later, the statistics are even more dramatic, showing how important it is to get the message out of the benefits of gathering the family around fresh, whole food meals.

Zeroing In On Inflammation

I am turning 50 in June, and still a “work in progress.” Yet, this is a year to celebrate health. I have tested free of Candida and have been deepening my daily personal yoga practice, creating more space, more opening and balance in my physiology. Six months ago, turning my neck over each shoulder, I would feel creeks and crackles, perhaps left over from the health crisis...and perhaps because grains and cooked veggies had begun to creep back into my diet. When I would flow in cat/cat cow...more crackles. Six months later, now I feel total fluidity. No crackles. I have moved on to backwards rolls, splits, headstands flows. What is the difference? More green smoothies and whole foods in their natural state (raw). I feel a deep connection between my diet and the level of inflammation, and I hope these “Fresh Whole Foods” recipes also help you.

(Take a moment. Sit upright, drop your shoulders and slowly turn your head over your shoulder to the right and then to the left. How does it feel? Balanced on both sides? Feel the space, the opening?)

Better Than Vitamins

I am leery of things that come in plastic containers, even vitamins and processed food. Whenever I go this route, it seems Mother Nature abandons me (or visa versa) and I find myself straying from my center. For health and longevity, I am convinced that Fresh Whole Foods are the way to best nourish our family genes, as well as to support our own spiritual essence so that it to descends into physical form. (Check out the book, Blue Zone...we can become one in Malibu!)

This Is the Most Fun We Will Have In Our Physical Bodies!

For those wanting to step into the driver’s seat of your health and the health of your families’, and rethink what we are feeding our family, may this new year and this new book give you renewed enthusiasm for a diet of Fresh Whole Foods, locally sourced.

❀May you be a conduit for bliss, love and peace this holiday season, and may this bless you abundantly,

“In nature we feel the pure energy which takes us to our Self. Nature is the perfect temple.” Kaliji, Tri-Yoga

Ps I recommend my website designer was terrific...a great kid just down the street: http://ryderhicks.com

I also recently tested our home for electro-magnetic fiels (EMFs) and Wi-Fi (wireless technology) with Oram Miller, of http://www.createhealthyhomes.com. There are so many sources of EMFs in our modern lives now, and you might want to keep this to a minimum. Even if you like the convenience of your Wi-Fi, Oram will help you design solutions so that your family does not SLEEP around EMFs. (This email was sent from my faster than WIFI and totally safe, HARD WIRED internet connection.) I also recently purchased a product for the house that reduces dirty electricity, contact: dalen@saticusa.com

Did you see our Malibu City Council voted to amend our LCP to ban rodenticide (anti-coaglulant rodent poisoning) into our LCP? Let’s celebrate!

Check out John Oliver’s hilarious and illuminating take on the sugar industry: http://grist.org/list/john-olivers-takedown-of-the-sugar-industry-is-pretty-sweet/
Big News: A New Book!: A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto On Fresh Whole Foods
Posted on 14 Dec 2014 by jlouks
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