Book Talk in Malibu at Bank of Books Saturday, Sept 26 at 2:00 @ 23 Sep 2015
Here is the Bank of Books Review:

At 2 PM, we’ll welcome June Louks for a discussion and signing of her book A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto on Fresh, Whole Foods: Simple Recipes Your Family – And The Planet – Will Love. It’s been several years since June and her family made the move from the S.A.D - the Standard American Diet, loaded with salt, sugar, and fat - to a more healthful way of eating based on fresh, whole foods. In her book A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto on Fresh, Whole Foods, June shares her family’s experiences, which she describes as an adventure in finding delicious alternatives to the S.A.D., rather than an exercise in deprivation. Initially resistant to the idea of giving up the treats they loved, June’s daughters eventually became their new diet’s biggest cheerleaders as they realized how much better they felt, and how much more energy they had, when they ate healthy foods. With over 150 family-friendly recipes, tips to help ease the transition to healthy eating, and a discussion of ways to bypass the temptation of the “candy holidays” – Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter - A Malibu Mom’s Manifesto on Fresh, Whole Foods is a must-read primer for families who want to make the move to a healthy, plant-based diet.

Malibu mom June Louks views food as a qualitative experience that can strengthen our spirituality and honor our interconnectedness. The founder of the Malibu Agricultural Society, June lives on Point Dume with her husband and daughters.

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